Charleston Harbor Championship 2015 Results – FINAL

Charleston Harbor Championship at the end of the year.  

  1. Eric Oetgen
  2. Lenny Krawcheck
  3. Ezra Zankel – tied for 2nd; tie breaker goes to most 1sts, then most 2nds
  4. Ryan Hamm / Joe Menis
  5. Mark Marenakos


  • 5 Charleston Lightning Regattas
  • The goal is to promote Lightning racing in Charleston; you don't need to be a fleet member to qualify                                        
  • 1 throwout        
  • DNS / DNF etc. = N+1        
  • Final Standings after the Wild Oyster Regatta
  • Tie breaker goes to most 1sts, then most 2nds, etc.


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