Who Coming to the 2014 Wild Oyster Regatta?

Come join us for another great Wild Oyster Lightning Regatta.

  • In 2011, we had 37 boats.
  • In 2012, we had 39 boats.
  • In 2013, we had 65 boats.

Beautiful all year long, Charleston is especially nice in October. Come join the fun and excellent racing. Plus there's a Greg Fisher sailing clinic on Friday and a fabulous shrimp boil and oyster roast on Saturday.

You can sign up the Class's Who's Coming Board.

Wild Oyster 2014 Poster

3 thoughts on “Who Coming to the 2014 Wild Oyster Regatta?

  1. Would love to see a writeup of the current in the racing area and what the local wisdom is about what to expect and how to respond to it.  Thanks!

    • Bob, that’s a great idea.  When we get it figured out ourselves, we’ll try to write something up.  That might take another 50 years.

      Two things you need to think about for sure:

      1. the tides, which are affected by two rivers, as well as the ocean and numerous objects in the harbor.
      2. the arrival of the sea breeze versus the effects of any fronts around whenever you’re sailing.



      • Thanks Reggie.  I sailed in the regatta last year and could have used some guidance as I failed miserably at understanding the current patterns.  And I am still waiting for the sea breeze to fill in!  I know there is no definitive bible, but maybe 15 minutes at the start of the Friday afternoon session would make sense.  Thanks!

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