2012 Lightning Boat Grant Program Applications

The Boat Grant program is accepting applications for the 2012 summer season. With a strong local fleet all Junior/college age kids should be encouraged to apply before the deadline, which is coming up at the end of the month.

Here’s the press release from the class…

International Lightning Class Association
2012 Boat Grant Program
Call for Applications

TARPON SPRINGS, FLORIDA – December 1, 2011 – The International Lightning Class Association is now accepting applications for the ILCA Boat Grant Program for the 2012 season. The program — entering its sixth season with dozens of Boat Grant alumni — offers a few select teams the opportunity to sail a race-ready boat for a season in one of the strongest one-design classes in North America.
Each team will be provided with a championship ready Lightning, competitive sails and equipment, a mentor, and funds to cover some of the sailing expenses for the 2012 summer racing season. This is a unique opportunity for younger sailors to experience Lightning sailing at its best. The Lightning, a 19-foot trailerable sloop, has 70+ years of attracting some of the best and brightest. The Boat Grant program is designed to open the door to the next generation of sailors.

Boat Grant Co-founder Allan Terhune explains “One of the key elements of the program is the involvement of the class membership. They’ve been very supportive of the young teams over the past five seasons. The ILCA has a strong history of supporting and encouraging young sailors” The Class’s strong International presence also assures the Boat Grant teams a chance to compete against athletes from around the world.

“The mentor aspect of the program is really the one of the key elements to the success of young sailors who receive the grant” says co-founder Bill Fastiggi. “We’ve had a very talented pool of Lightning sailors who volunteer their time to help the grant recipients get up to speed in the boats and also help them learn how to organize their own sailing program.”

Applications and proposals are due on December 31. Each applicant is required to provide sailing resumes, three references with letters of recommendation and include a cover letter explaining why they are the best candidates for the grant. Complete details on how to apply for this grant is found on the ILCA website: http://www.lightningclass.org/racing/boatGrant/index.asp

For specific questions or more information about the ILCA grant – contact the ILCA office, or co chairs Bill Fastiggi or Allan Terhune.

ILCA Executive Secretary Laura Jeffers – office@lightningclass.org 727-942-7969
Bill Fastiggi – bill@vtsailing.com 802-578-5697
Allan Terhune – allan@od.northsails.com 732-644-1051

About the International Lightning Class Association:
The Lightning was designed by Olin Stephens in 1938. Today there have been over 15470 built. The rig is simple, but offers sophisticated sail shape controls for a crew of three. The hull features a unique hard chine design that combines the stability that provides sail-carrying power, with flat bottom sections that promote planing. It is fast enough to be exciting, slow enough to be very tactical and the boat is very physical to sail in a breeze. In the event of a capsize, she can be righted and sailed dry by her crew. Optimum crew weight is 450 to 500 lbs. The boat weighs 700 pounds and sitting on the trailer with covers, sails and gear the all up weight is about 1100 lbs so it can be safely towed with almost any vehicle.

Many top sailors spent a lot of time racing Lightnings: Betsy Alison, Andy Horton, Jay and Jody Lutz, Greg and Matt Fisher, Tim Healy, Jeff Linton, Cory Sertl, Ken and Brad Read, Jody Swanson Starck, Dave Dellenbaugh, Terry Hutchinson and Ted Turner to name a few. For more information visit, www.lightningclass.org


Summary Regatta Results:

See detailed race-by-race results at the bottom.

Skipper — Total Points

  1. Fisher, Matt 28
  2. Wardwill, Charlie 38
  3. Goldman, Josh 40
  4. Allen, Tom 44
  5. Faus, John 48
  6. Hogan, Patrick 53
  7. Oetgen, Eric 58
  8. Starck, David 60
  9. Marenakos, Mark 63
  10. Sawyer, John 69
  11. Hayes, Bryan, Sr. 71
  12. Krawcheck, Lenny 71
  13. Taboada, Keith 77
  14. Fairchild, Reggie 79
  15. Hamm, Ryan 83
  16. Moehlman, Marcus 89
  17. Hutchinson, Hugh 90
  18. Werley, John 96
  19. O’Reilly, David 102
  20. Moyer, Dick 103
  21. Brickell, Jamie 104
  22. Hurban, Gary 106
  23. Barddn, Pierce 107
  24. Buchanan, Ron 109
  25. Waldkirch, Richard 111
  26. Hamilton, Chris 111
  27. Astrove, Bob 113
  28. Scarborough, George 118
  29. Alsalm, Nabeel 126
  30. Kennon, Batton 126
  31. Russell, Pete 127
  32. Dial, Karen 131
  33. Burke, Pam 132
  34. Sloger, Will 149
  35. Cameron, John 151
  36. Milling, Craig 161
  37. Gastright, John 181
    Photos of detailed results:

    First Half of the Fleet

    Detailed Results - First Half of the Fleet

    Second Half of the Fleet

    Detailed Results - Second Half of the Fleet

Charleston Fleet Honored For Class Development

Laura Jeffers, Executive Class Secretary, presented 2 very large trophies on Saturday night after the Oyster Roast.

The first trophy went to Charlestonians Chris and Terry Hamilton for being the last boat to quality for the North Americans.

The second honored fleet 429, the Charleston fleet, for dramatic growth over the past year and promoting Lightning racing throughout the Southeast. The Charleston fleet thanked all the great sailors for coming to Charleston and supporting our first annual Wild Oyster regatta. The trophy will be on display at the Carolina Yacht Club for 6 months and then at the James Island Yacht Club for 6 months.