2013 Charleston Lightning Fleet Championship Results

Just in time for the start of the local 2014 season, here are the results from the Charleston Lightning Fleet Championship for 2013.

The rules are straight forward:

  • 5 Charleston Lightning Regattas – Hobcaw, James Island, Charleston, Carolina and Wild Oyster
  • 1 Throwout
  • DNS / DNF etc. = N+1 for a regatta

​The top five local boats forr 2013 were:

  1. Jeff Irvine
  2. Mitch Hall
  3. Greg Fisher
  4. Lenny Krawcheck
  5. Joe Pitcavage

You can see the complete results on Google Docs.

Dieball Sails Offering 20% Discount on Sails Threw December 10

Gotta love competition. Dieball Sails is offering Special Pricing, too. You can grab a 20% discount starting immediately. This special runs through December 10, 2013. They tell me, "There are no hoops to jump through or minimums to activate this special pricing."

The sails can be found here: http://dieballstore.com/classes/lightning/sails.html

Save 20% on Sails – Must Order by November 30

Brian Hayes from North Sails has arranged a 20% OFF deal if we can get together a fleet sails order by November 30 (Saturday).  He's counting Wilmington and Charleston as the same fleet.  He already sold enough sails at the Wild Oyster that he only needs 7 more orders to get the 20% discount.  If you're interetsed please file out the North Sails One Design Order Form – lightning (click link to download form) and talk to Brian.  I believe he needs both the order form and payment by Saturday.

Boathouse to be Open Friday Night

The Carolina YC will be opening up the boathouse — the building closest to the water and the hoist — for drinks on Friday Night.  Non-members can pay by cash; members can charge to their accounts.  Credit cards aren't accepted — maybe next year.

We'll also have beer in the boatyard so you can relax after Greg Fisher's seminar.

Tides for This Weekend

Tides for Charleston (Customhouse Wharf) starting with November 8, 2013.

Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible

F    8      Low   5:06 AM     0.1   6:44 AM    Rise 11:38 AM      23
     8     High  11:37 AM     6.4   5:23 PM     Set 10:41 PM
     8      Low   5:57 PM     0.2
     8     High  11:55 PM     5.5

Sa   9      Low   6:08 AM     0.3   6:45 AM    Rise 12:24 PM      34
     9     High  12:40 PM     6.2   5:22 PM     Set 11:46 PM
     9      Low   6:56 PM     0.3

Su  10     High   1:01 AM     5.5   6:46 AM    Rise  1:05 PM      45
    10      Low   7:14 AM     0.5   5:22 PM
    10     High   1:42 PM     6.0
    10      Low   7:56 PM     0.3