More Photos of Wild Oyster Regatta 2012

All photos by Sarah Ashton.

Wild Oyster Photos 2012

All photos by Beryl Foster.

Results 2012 Wild Oyster

Follow this link to see the final official results for the 2012 Charleston Wild Oyster Lightning Regatta.

Congratulations to winning team:

  • David Starck
  • Jody Starck
  • Jason Lutz

The scored a 4, 1, 1, 1, 1 for an impressive 28 point win.  The next 4 teams were separated by just 7 points.

Many thanks to everyone for making the trip, to the Carolina Yacht Club, to all the volunteers and staff.  It was an amazing event.

See you again on the 3rd weekend of October 2013.  Bring friends.

Menis and Hamm take Lead in Charleston Championship

By placing 4th on Saturday, Charleston Dynamic Duo Joe Menis and Ryan Hamm, with crew Kit Menis, stepped into 1st place in the 2012 Charleston Harbor Championship.  The championship is based on the 5 major Lightning races in Charleston, with one throw out.

The hunt remains close with the top 6 boats separated by just 6 points.

See the complete standings online.

Dates for 2013 Wild Oyster Regatta Announced

The Carolina Yacht Club and Charleston Light Fleet 429 are proud to announced the dates for the 3rd annual Charleston Wild Oyster Lightning Regatta: October 19-20, with an optional clinic on the 18th.

We hope to hold the Wild Oyster Regatta on the 3rd weekend in October for many years to come.

Be Sure to Send in Your Registration for Early Discount

Please send your registration in to the Carolina Yacht Club in order to qualify for the early registration discount. Having the registrations helps us plan exactly who much food, staff, etc. to have on hand. Signing up on the Who's Coming list on the class website is really cool.  Thank you.  But it does not count as registering early.  To register early, you must fill out and send in the form included in the Notice of Race.  See the NOR for details.

And if you're doing all this stuff early, you might as well look at the Sailing Instructions.  They've been published for a while.

The Lightnings are Coming, The Lightnings Are…

I just spotted a Lightning with full covers on driving in Mount Pleasant (a suburb of Charleston).  Lots more Lightnings will be arriving over the next few days.

Lightning sailboat arriving for Wild OysterLightning sailboat arriving for Wild Oyster Regatta

We’re expecting about 45 boats, maybe more. It’s not too late to pack your boat and come. We will great you warmly.