Charleston Harbor Championship – 2014 FINAL RESULTS

In 2014, 68 different Lightnings raced in Charleston, including 61 at the 4th Annual Wild Oyster Regatta. Our annual Harbor Championship consists of 5 regattas – Hobcaw, James Island, Charleston, Carolina and the Wild Oyster.

This year the top 5 boats are:

  1. Eric Oetgen
  2. Nancy Hagood / Patrick Hogan
  3. Lenny Krawcheck – wins tie-breaker with Ben Spector
  4. Ben Spector
  5. Ryan Hamm / Joe Menis

For complete results, see this Google Docs spreadsheet.

Charleston Harbor Fleet Championship Standings – Updated Following CYC Open

With 4 of the 5 major Charleston Lightning regattas completed, the top 5 boats are:

  1. Eric Oetgen
  2. Nancy Hagood / Patrick Hogan
  3. Lenny Krawcheck
  4. Ben Spector
  5. Ryan Hamm / Joe Menis

For complete results, see this Google Docs spreadsheet.

Who Coming to the 2014 Wild Oyster Regatta?

Come join us for another great Wild Oyster Lightning Regatta.

  • In 2011, we had 37 boats.
  • In 2012, we had 39 boats.
  • In 2013, we had 65 boats.

Beautiful all year long, Charleston is especially nice in October. Come join the fun and excellent racing. Plus there's a Greg Fisher sailing clinic on Friday and a fabulous shrimp boil and oyster roast on Saturday.

You can sign up the Class's Who's Coming Board.

Wild Oyster 2014 Poster

2013 Charleston Lightning Fleet Championship Results

Just in time for the start of the local 2014 season, here are the results from the Charleston Lightning Fleet Championship for 2013.

The rules are straight forward:

  • 5 Charleston Lightning Regattas – Hobcaw, James Island, Charleston, Carolina and Wild Oyster
  • 1 Throwout
  • DNS / DNF etc. = N+1 for a regatta

‚ÄčThe top five local boats forr 2013 were:

  1. Jeff Irvine
  2. Mitch Hall
  3. Greg Fisher
  4. Lenny Krawcheck
  5. Joe Pitcavage

You can see the complete results on Google Docs.

More Photos of Wild Oyster Regatta 2012

All photos by Sarah Ashton.

Wild Oyster Photos 2012

All photos by Beryl Foster.

Results 2012 Wild Oyster

Follow this link to see the final official results for the 2012 Charleston Wild Oyster Lightning Regatta.

Congratulations to winning team:

  • David Starck
  • Jody Starck
  • Jason Lutz

The scored a 4, 1, 1, 1, 1 for an impressive 28 point win.  The next 4 teams were separated by just 7 points.

Many thanks to everyone for making the trip, to the Carolina Yacht Club, to all the volunteers and staff.  It was an amazing event.

See you again on the 3rd weekend of October 2013.  Bring friends.

Menis and Hamm take Lead in Charleston Championship

By placing 4th on Saturday, Charleston Dynamic Duo Joe Menis and Ryan Hamm, with crew Kit Menis, stepped into 1st place in the 2012 Charleston Harbor Championship.  The championship is based on the 5 major Lightning races in Charleston, with one throw out.

The hunt remains close with the top 6 boats separated by just 6 points.

See the complete standings online.