Charleston Harbor Fleet Championship – Standings

With 3 of the 5 major Charleston Lightning regattas completed, it's time to post updated fleet championship standings.

The racing has been incredibly tight and fun.  Congratulations to the top 5 boats at this point:

1 Eric Oetgen
2 Greg Fisher
3 Nancy Hagood / Patrick Hogan
4 Paul Whitesides
5 Ben Spector

For complete results, see this Google Docs spreadsheet.

2013 Charleston Lightning Fleet Championship Results

Just in time for the start of the local 2014 season, here are the results from the Charleston Lightning Fleet Championship for 2013.

The rules are straight forward:

  • 5 Charleston Lightning Regattas – Hobcaw, James Island, Charleston, Carolina and Wild Oyster
  • 1 Throwout
  • DNS / DNF etc. = N+1 for a regatta

​The top five local boats forr 2013 were:

  1. Jeff Irvine
  2. Mitch Hall
  3. Greg Fisher
  4. Lenny Krawcheck
  5. Joe Pitcavage

You can see the complete results on Google Docs.

Trophies and Friendship

Charleston Lightning Fleet 429 had it's year-end awards ceremony today at Taco Boy over lunch.  About a dozen people attended.

Fleet Championship trophies were awarded to:

  1. Lenny Krawcheck
  2. Patrick Hogan and Nancy Hagood
  3. Mark Marenakos

The group also talked about things we could do to make 2013 even better.  The main idea was that we travel as a block, whenever possible, to about 5 out of town regattas and announce our intentions so that others in the SELD also target those regattas.  The top names that I heard were:

  1. Deep South Regatta in Savannah (and the rest of the Southern Circuit)
  2. Wilmington's June regatta
  3. Wilmington's Atlantic Coast Championships
  4. North American's in Connecticut
  5. Augusta Halloween regatta

If you want to suggest other venues, everyone is open to suggestions.

Of course, the main in town regattas will be

  1. Hobcaw
  2. James Island
  3. Charleston
  4. Carolina — this event conflicts with the ACC's in Wilmington; so we should choose which to attend in 2013
  5. Wild Oyster

It was great to see everyone.  Greg Fisher mentioned that we might be able to have a cookout at the College of Charleston some time.

2012 Fleet 429 Charleston Championship

After 5 hard fought regattas, Lenny Krawcheck and crew won a tie beaker to take the 2012 Charleston Lightning Championship.  Coming in second is Peter Hogan and Nancy Hagood.  In third is Mark Marenakos.  See the complete results online.

Trophies will be awarded when the custom engraving is completed.

The 2013 Charleston LIghtning Championship will kick off at the Hobcaw Regatta.

Results 2012 Wild Oyster

Follow this link to see the final official results for the 2012 Charleston Wild Oyster Lightning Regatta.

Congratulations to winning team:

  • David Starck
  • Jody Starck
  • Jason Lutz

The scored a 4, 1, 1, 1, 1 for an impressive 28 point win.  The next 4 teams were separated by just 7 points.

Many thanks to everyone for making the trip, to the Carolina Yacht Club, to all the volunteers and staff.  It was an amazing event.

See you again on the 3rd weekend of October 2013.  Bring friends.

Menis / Hamm Leading Charleston Lightning Fleet Championship

With 2 of the 5 regattas completed, Joe Menis and Ryan Hamm are off to a great start. They are followed by Lenny Krawcheck, Russ O’Reilly, Reggie Fairchild, and Mark Marenakos.

See the complete Charleston Lightning Fleet Championship standings online.

The next event is the Charleston Yacht Club Open in July.