Dieball Sails Offering 20% Discount on Sails Threw December 10

Gotta love competition. Dieball Sails is offering Special Pricing, too. You can grab a 20% discount starting immediately. This special runs through December 10, 2013. They tell me, "There are no hoops to jump through or minimums to activate this special pricing."

The sails can be found here: http://dieballstore.com/classes/lightning/sails.html

Save 20% on Sails – Must Order by November 30

Brian Hayes from North Sails has arranged a 20% OFF deal if we can get together a fleet sails order by November 30 (Saturday).  He's counting Wilmington and Charleston as the same fleet.  He already sold enough sails at the Wild Oyster that he only needs 7 more orders to get the 20% discount.  If you're interetsed please file out the North Sails One Design Order Form – lightning (click link to download form) and talk to Brian.  I believe he needs both the order form and payment by Saturday.

Final Day (Sorta) for North Sails Fleet Deal (for Anyone Attending Wild Oyster)

Monday is the final day that North Sails is offering the 20% off sails order in time for deliver in SC in time for the Wild Oyster. Here’s the deal in order for anyone to get the 20% off, we have to have 14 sails ordered for the Wild Oyster. Brian Hayes form North has extended the deal to anyone taking delivery in SC in time for the Wild Oyster. Spinnakers have to be ordered by the close of business Monday. Brian can probably still sneak in mains and jibs through the rest of the week. You can have sails shipped to Reggie Fairchild’s office. Brian has all the shipping information.

If we don’t get orders for 14 sails this week, then we’ll have to suffer with the 15% fall discount or pay full price in the spring.

Some great sailors are going to be attending the Wild Oyster. Thirty two boats (32!) have already said they’re coming. So why not buy some new sails and bring your A game? We hope to see you there.

Order By October 1, Get 20% Discount (Fleet Pricing) from North

Our buddy Brian Hayes from North Sails has arranged a special deal for us again this fall.

If we get a fleet deal organized (14 or more sails before October 1), the group discount will be 20%. North will include the whole district plus anyone taking delivery at the Wild Oyster in the 20% discount. He says there’s no sales tax on sails shipped to SC.

North can ship sails to my office = Reggie Fairchild, Flashpoint Charleston, LLC, 654 Coleman Blvd., Suite 202, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464.

If you order by October 1, Brian says there will be no worries getting sails delivered in time for the Wild Oyster. Brian says he could probably take main and jib orders through October 8th and still get them here.

If we get 14 sails ordered by October 1, then Brian will hold the fleet deal of 20% open until Oct 22. That way if folks get to the Wild Oyster and decide there they want in, they can participate.

To get Fleet pricing folks need to fill out the attached form. Email it to Brian. He will submit it on the North Intranet site to adjust pricing. Do not enter online as you won’t get the fleet pricing.

If we can’t get to 14 sails, then you’ll get North’s fall discount (15%). See the attached flyer for details.

If you have any questions, contact Brian.