Tides for This Weekend

Tides for Charleston (Customhouse Wharf) starting with November 8, 2013.

Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible

F    8      Low   5:06 AM     0.1   6:44 AM    Rise 11:38 AM      23
     8     High  11:37 AM     6.4   5:23 PM     Set 10:41 PM
     8      Low   5:57 PM     0.2
     8     High  11:55 PM     5.5

Sa   9      Low   6:08 AM     0.3   6:45 AM    Rise 12:24 PM      34
     9     High  12:40 PM     6.2   5:22 PM     Set 11:46 PM
     9      Low   6:56 PM     0.3

Su  10     High   1:01 AM     5.5   6:46 AM    Rise  1:05 PM      45
    10      Low   7:14 AM     0.5   5:22 PM
    10     High   1:42 PM     6.0
    10      Low   7:56 PM     0.3

Local Housing Supply Used Up; Here Are Some Other Options

We were able to help several crews with housing at several local sailors homes, but the demand has outstripped the demand at this point.  We would still love to have you at the Wild Oyster Regatta.  In addition to the hotels listed in the NOR, the Charleston Area Convention and Visitors Bureau has links to lots of other travel accomodations.  They list campgrounds, if you're on a limited budget.

They also have great suggestions for things to do and see.

Weather for This Weekend

The weather is looking great for this upcoming weekend.  Of course, like any forecast it's subject to change.

According to NOAA, Charleston harbor water temperature is 67 degrees.  Higher breezes are expected on Friday, especially in the morning, than on Saturday and Sunday.

See the 10-day forecast on Weather.com.

Please Make Sure Your Main and Spinnaker Have the Same Sail Number

Last year the race committee had some problems scoring because some boats had different numbers on their mains and spinnakers.  Please make sure that you have the same number on your main and spinnaker as required by the class and US Sailing rules.

On another note, the race committee is planning on upwind finishes this year to further reduce scoring problems and eliminate the "kick" finish.