2011 Wild Oyster Regatta

Come join the fun and great Lightning Racing in Charleston.

The Notice of Race for the Wild Oyster Lightning Regatta is FINAL. A copy of the NOR is available from the link below.

Please let all your friends know about this awesome sailboat racing event.

The regatta is scheduled for October 22 and 23 with Greg Fisher running a clinic the day before. We’re expecting 30 or more boats, as we have commitments from some of the biggest names in the Lightning world, including Greg Fisher, Tommy Allen, Lenny Krawcheck and Allan Terhune.

We also have a very enthusiastic new Charleston Lightning fleet that’s 15 boats strong and a strong Southeastern District. Best of all the event is at the Carolina Yacht Club in beautiful Charleston Harbor.

Come be part of the fun.

REVISED: 2011 NOR Wild Oyster Lightning Regatta Charleston SC – revised September 14, 2011
(click link to see NOR)

Preliminary Sailing Instructions.

Click here for a list of the boats attending the regatta.

Lenny Krawcheck is the chairman of the regatta. Greg Fisher is running a clinic on October 21.

The Carolina Yacht Club will be hosting the Wild Oyster Regatta on October 22-23, 2011.

6 thoughts on “2011 Wild Oyster Regatta

    • Mark, that’s great. I was out of the country when your post came in! I was just talking to Lenny Krawcheck, the regatta chairman, today. Everything is looking good for the regatta. We now have commitments from 30 boats!

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  2. I am here in Charleston and available to crew this weekend. I am 63 and 250 lbs but have raced boats since I was a kid. Not nimble but knowledgeable.

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